Batman v Superman Runtime Revealed


We all know that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is poised to be a juggernaut of a movie and know we know how long the supersized movie will be.

Starting out as simply a sequel to Man of Steel the movie has grown to the point where it really is positioned as the entire jumping off point for the new entire DC Extended cinematic Universe. Keeping that in mind it makes sense that you need more then 90 min to get the story told.

A new update to the AMC Theaters website confirms that the run time Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will clock in at two hours and thirty-one minutes. At that legnth, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will run longer than any film produced by Marvel to date by almost ten minutes. However, we all know that Zack Snyder enjoys making his films run a bit long, as Batman V Superman will only run three minutes longer than Man of Steel, and about ten minutes shorter than the theatrical release of Watchmen.

Check out the final trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to get a sense of just how much content the creative forces behind the movie have packed into its lengthy runtime.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will fly into theaters on March 25.

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