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Hi FTR Family,

Last year, issues with our hosting company’s servers coupled with corrupted backup databases caused us to lose all of our site content and designs. After 5 years of blood, sweat, and tears going into this site it was a crushing blow. The thought of starting from scratch was too overwhelming and so the site sat dormant for some months while i pondered it’s future.

My initial reaction was to leave the project dead, but trying to contain my passion for movies and this site is like trying to will my heart to stop beating. It’s just not something i’m capable of.

So today February 8th, almost 5 years to the day that the site first launched I’m happy to say that “we will not go quietly into the night”. I have gotten up, dusted myself off, and am starting from scratch.  We have new hosting, new backup procedures, and a newly renewed commitment. This is post #1 and up, up, and away we go.

To the tens of thousands of you that have visited the site since it’s inception. Thank you and welcome back. We’re glad to be one of your choices for entertainment and information and I look forward to continue sharing my passion and engaging with you.

I’m Marc Rose….and That’s What’s Rockin’

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Marc Rose

Founder / Editor In Chief - Movies are my passion. At any time in my life I can throw on a movie and be motivated, comforted, excited, or moved to tears. For me cinema is a universal language that guides me. I love action and natural disaster flicks, the bigger the better. I'm what you'd call an athletic geek. I love covering Con’s, Red Carpets, and Hollywood events. In my spare time I snowboard, DJ, travel, and search out good eateries.

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