The Rock Talks Crap About ‘FURIOUS 8’ Co-Star Vin Diesel

Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” is stirring up drama on the set of Furious 8 by putting his “male co-stars” on blast branding one a chicken shit “Candy Ass” and claiming they were unprofessional on set.

While he didn’t specifically drop names in his rant TMZ (who have a reliable track record) have name diesel saying:

‘We’re told The Rock has butted heads with Vin during the production, in part because V.D. is a producer and has made decisions that didn’t sit well with the former wrestling champ,’ it reported last night.

The site claims sources told it that the pair had a crisis meeting on the Atlanta set on Tuesday, because tensions were running so high it was affecting production.

TMZ also reported that many Fast 8 cast members are angry at The Rock for his comments.

the rock calls vin diesel a candy ass

“When you watch this movie next April and it seems like I’m not acting in some of these scenes and my blood is legit boiling – you’re right.”

The theme of the movie has always been that Diesel as “Dominic Toretto” has always said that he doesn’t “have friends, he has family”. Anybody with family knows that sometimes you fight, sometimes you fight hard, but in the end you pull together when it counts because you’re family. Let’s hope that runs true for this Hollywood family because there is still alot of “Furious” franchise to go with Universal having not only committed to two more Fast and Furious films with Diesel, but there have also been talks about an expanded universe of prequels and spin-offs — one that could even star Johnson’s special agent Hobbs.

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