Star Wars Episode 8 First Look Footage

Watch: ‘STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII’ First Look Footage

Lucasfilm has announced that production has begun on ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ by revealing some first look footage from the eagerly-anticipated follow up to ‘The Force Awakens’.

It starts with a lingering shot of Skellig Michael, the remote Irish island that doubled for Luke Skywalker’s hideout in ‘The Force Awakens’. The planet is called Ahch-To and it looks like ‘Episode VIII’ is set to pick up exactly where December’s movie ended with a cliffhanger (no pun intended) – with Mark Hamill’s bearded Luke Skywalker staring intently at Daisy Ridley’s Rey as she hands him his long-lost lightsaber.

Skellig Michael Star Wars Island

Daisley Ridley in Episode 8

We then get a quick look at director Rian Johnson who calls cut and introduces the crew to the set of ‘Episode 8′.

The press release for the film revealed which cast members from ‘The Force Awakens’ would return which you can read here

ryan johnson directing star wars episode 8

Of course, Harrison Ford won’t be returning for obvious reasons, but we’re surprised that Peter Mayhew’s name isn’t on the cast list. Does this mean Chewbacca’s not coming back?

Nooooooo…it’s not true.

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