10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer

Story Details Revealed in ’10 CLOVERFIELD LANE’ Super Bowl Spot

Paramount Pictures has released a Super Bowl spot for the mysterious J.J. Abrams-produced film 10 Cloverfield Lane. This new spot offers additional details regarding the story including some dialogue that explains how Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character ends up in John Goodman’s fallout shelter with John Gallagher Jr.

In a previous interview, Winstead said,

“It’s so much about just the actors interacting with each other and that tension that builds, just all wondering if they are who they say the are, if they’re telling the truth or not, and really wondering what’s outside.”

For those of you who were wondering how much of a Cloverfield movie this actually is, and if there will be any monsters in it, this spot has that answer for you. 10 Cloverfield Lane comes out on March 11th!

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